As experienced image-makers, we have had the privilege of indulging ourselves in our favourite mediums, photography, for the last 25 years.
We have photographed many interesting and diverse personalities and still treasure the portraits that both of us shot many years ago; the relationships a portrait artist creates in just a few moments are memories that seem to last a lifetime.
We believe that contemporary photography demands that we continually work towards finding the pieces that have not yet been found. We both try our best to create an immediate sense of comfort between our subject and ourselves, and use that, and anything we can muster, to bring out bits and pieces of character we may not have yet seen.
Compelling portrait photography will present your people in a way that builds trust and confidence in your team. This is the first step in building valuable relationships.
Portraits are needed for social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter, websites, and company literature. We’ll help you create the right portrait style, so your portraits express your unique approach, and appeal to the audiences you want to work with. Portraiture is available in our purpose built studio, in your premises, or on location to suit the brief.
Every person we photograph deserves a fresh approach. We use and manipulate light, both from the sun and in the studio, to mould an image into something of beauty. Photography is all about light, and a portrait artist must know how to manage it in order to be at peace with it. We challenge our subjects to help create the unexpected image.