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Do you want to take your photography to the next level?

Why not book a one to one training day with It’s All About Me (aka Fiona and Martin), using our facilities (and the team), we can cover pretty much any aspect of photography, just call or pop in and ask us, and we will design a workshop that meets your requirements.

Our workshops are perfect for developing new skills or revitalising and pushing those you already have to the next level. Our workshops are aimed at the beginner to the experienced enthusiast, even professionals.

It’s All About Me can hand craft a workshop that suits you, with the focus on the aspects that you would like to explore, or choose from one of the following:- 


Available light photography
Using locations and the environment
Discovering and refining your own style
Camera craft
Off-camera flash
Studio lighting and control
Lighting faces and the figure
Workflow and image management
Post production and retouching
Getting the most out of your printing
Planning a wedding with the couple
Shooting for the sale
The client reveal and how to maximise revenue
Using albums as an alternative product to frames